Thursday, 31 March 2016


                                                         Golden shower tree (金黄阵雨树)

                                                                    Yellow  flame(黄花盾柱木树)

                                                                   Frangipani  tree(鸡蛋花树)

                                                                        Rain tree(雨树)

                                                          Pong Pong tree             海苹果树




Monday, 28 March 2016



Katong, a neighbourhood that can be found in the east of Singapore, is a favourite local haunt of Singaporeans seeking good food. In particular, Tanjong Katong Road runs through this neighbourhood, spanning a length of about 3 km. 
Katong gets its name from the Katong tree (scientific name: Cynometra ramiflora). This tree produces hard timber, which has been used in construction. Its timber has been used only locally, because this tree is only available in small quantities. 

The Katong tree has a rounded crown, and can grow up to 26 m tall.

Its fruit pods are brown, scaly, and wrinkled.


Tampines is a well-developed, densely-populating housing estate located in the east of Singapore. Tampines Road, spanning around 6 km, connects this housing estate to Upper Serangoon Road. 
The name ‘Tampines’ is derived from the Ironwood tree known to the locals as Tempinis (scientific name: Streblus elongatus), that grew abundantly in this area in the old days. The Tampines tree is monoecious, meaning that it produces both male and female flowers on the same tree. Its flowers are insect-pollinated. Its seeds and fruits are known to be eaten and dispersed by monkeys. The tree is grown for its timber, which is heavy, strong and durable.

The Tampines tree has a rounded crown, and can grow up to a height of 35 m.

The fruit is whitish, round or ellipsoid (egg-shaped), and is 1‒1.3 cm long.

The female flowers of the Tampines tree looks like a green ball borne on a white cluster, with two ‘arms’ sticking out.

The male flowers are numerous, small, and appear whitish.


Sembawang is a housing estate located in the north of Singapore. Sembawang Road, spanning about 8 km, connects this housing estate to Upper Thomson Road.
This place is named after the Sembawang tree (scientific name: Mesua ferruginea). The Sembawang tree is a tall strangly tree that often grows next to streams or flowing rivers in forests.

This particular Sembawang tree can be found at the carpark of Sembawang Park.

The flower is white, with numerous stamens in the centre.
Its fleshy fruits are round, and encased in enlarged, leathery sepals.