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Welcome the Year of the Monkey with us! Venture into the mythical world of Journey to the West, featuring the "...
Posted by Gardens by the Bay on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Our first "monkey orchid" bloom has appeared!
Dracula gigas is an epiphytic orchid species native to the cool mountain forests of Ecuador and Colombia. It is commonly called a “monkey orchid” because its flowers bear a striking resemblance to the face of a monkey! The brown patterns on the 3 large sepals resemble monkey fur, while the “eyes” and “nose” are actually highly modified petals.

This particular species is currently flowering in the Secret Garden at Cloud Forest, where you may also catch another monkey orchid Dracula verticulosa in bloom from now until the Lunar New Year week. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Monkey in advance! — withLea PenaflorAakanksha Singh and Ghie Sta Maria.



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