Wednesday, 25 March 2015


BreadTalk 是在做慈善还是替自己打广告?


BreadTalk has put out a new bun to commemorate the life of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It is called "Lee bu kai ni", loosely translated as "Will not leave you", playing on Mr Lee's Mandarin surname. It is filled with gula melaka-flavoured grated coconut and mixed with attap seed.

The buns had gone on sale with a sign: "Thank you for your unwavering strength and dedication in transforming Singapore. Filled with gula melaka-flavoured grated coconut and mixed with attap seed, this kampong-inspired creation is a tribute to a visionary leader who gave his life to build a nation from a kampong to a successful Singapore today. Let us join hands and hearts to honour him, Mr Lee Kuan Yew."

The buns go for $2 each. BreadTalk also said proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Community Chest.




2 hrs · Edited · 
We would like to convey our deepest apologies with regard to the commemorative bun #‎rememberingLKY which was introduced at BreadTalk outlets today, 25 March 2015.
We regret that this product has caused much concern and appreciate the public's feedback which we take very seriously.
Our intent was to create a commemorative product in memory of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew whom we deeply respect. Together with all Singaporeans, the passing of our Founding Prime Minister is deeply felt by all of us at BreadTalk. Nevertheless, we are made aware that this manner of remembering his legacy was insensitive in light of the current context.
With immediate effect, we will cease the sale of this product from all outlets.
As was our original intent to commit 100% of the buns’ sales proceeds to charity, BreadTalk will still be donating $30,000 to Community Chest.
Once again, we thank Singaporeans’ for sharing your concerns with us and greatly appreciate your feedback.


  1. 圣人也有错。。。
    既知错,就放他一马吧 !。。。